Study the fighter

Before you can make a bet on a site like 1xbet Portugal, you should know exactly who you are betting for. You want to know everything about your fighter before you even consider placing a bet on them. You can’t go based on the results of their previous fight because they could have been lucky, or they could have been out of luck depending on how the fight went.

Know how many times they have won versus how many times they have lost

A simple way to study your fighter is by comparing how many times they have won to how many times they have lost. If they have more wins under their belt than loses, then you are most likely going to be okay when you place your bets on this fighter.

But you have to keep in mind that they can have bad fights and who they are fighting against takes a big role in the situation as well.

Study the other fighter

Make sure you know who the other fighter is before you place your bets. You don’t know if your fighter is going to win if you don’t know what the other fighter has to offer. They might have more wins than the fighter that you have chosen, and you might be making a bad bet from the start. You have to study them to find out.

Know the tactics your fighter will use to win

You should be aware of the most popular tactics that your fighter uses. This isn’t going to be immediately useful, but if you know who they are fighting against, it will come in handy.

Make sure the other fighter doesn’t have a tactic that overpowers your fighter’s moves

The other fighter is going to be studying your fighter just the same as you are because they want to make sure that they can win against them. Once you know what your fighter is going to do when the match starts, you need to figure out what the other fighter is going to do.

If your fighter likes to take his opponent to the ground, you need to make sure that the opponent isn’t good at rolling around and switching the position in order to take the lead.

Look at size and weight differences

This is one of the most important things you need to look into. If your fighter is a lot smaller than his opponent, then you know he can move quicker and will have more energy. But he won’t have as much strength.

If he’s bigger, he will have less energy but more strength. This is a 50/50 chance, but it’s an important thing to consider.