The online gambling market in 2020 was valued at over $66 billion. Experts predict that over the next five years the online gambling market will continue to grow. There are several reasons for the increasing popularity of online gambling. The pandemic being one of them, and affordable internet and mobile devices are two others.


Cryptocurrency entered the scene in 2008. Bitcoin was the first type in the world. Thanks to the anonymity that goes along with Bitcoin, the value is rapidly rising. Other players, including DogeCoin, LiteCoin and Ethereum are growing in popularity. Cryptocurrency will continue to grow as a method of payment. More and more casinos will accept cryptocurrency as a primary payment method.

Authentic Casino Experience From Your Couch

One reason people go to casinos is for the interaction with live dealers. Augmented reality can bring that live dealer interaction to players. Most gambling experts believe that augmented and virtual reality will soon be part of the online casino experience with the rising popularity of sites like satta gali.

US and Canadian casinos are already developing online wings that feel like the real thing thanks to advancing technology. Casinos can use AR and VR to create a 360-degree casino experience that players can enjoy from their couch. Several online gambling sites have VR versions of games that players need to use VR gear to enjoy. This experience will continue to grow in popularity.

Is There An App For That?

It is not surprising to discover that many online gamblers use a smartphone to play. For those users, having compatible apps is very important for their gaming experience. The larger online casinos are hard at work to develop the apps for these gamers. The idea is to develop apps that are compatible with IOS and Android phones. By creating apps, the online casinos will quickly see an increase in traffic and revenue to their casinos.

Betting On Sports

Betting on sports is not a recent phenomenon; however, online betting is growing in popularity as it becomes legal in more places. In the United States, the NFL and NHL franchises have formed partnerships with online sports betting platforms. Betting platforms teaming up with sports teams is the next natural progression for online betting. Even countries such as India are getting into the action. Fantasy cricket franchises are teaming up with the Indian Premier League to provide fans some gaming options.

The Freemium Model

One of the more successful pricing strategies used in the app and software industry is the freemium strategy. Many experts believe they can work this strategy into the online gambling market. Online casinos can offer free games as an incentive to get players to sign-up. This strategy had the potential to attract many new players.