Contrary to what many think, sports betting has been an age-long practice that has benefited so many. In fact, there are notable names who have become very successful and good at it. These bettors have amassed considerable wealth from the sports bets, and their names are well known.

Here are some of the most successful 먹튀검증 sports bettors in history.

Parlay Patz

Named Benjamin Tucker Patz “Parley,” he made his big break in 2015 when he was 18 years old. In a matter of months, he garnered winnings totaling more than $1 million from parlay bets. Today, he is called Parley due to his mastery of parley betting.


Billy Walters

For more than 10 years, Billy Walters has dominated the Nevada sports betting scene. There were even rumors that he only lost once in ten years of gambling. No one knows how much Billy Walters has won in his sports betting career, but he claimed that only about 10% of his stakes are on sports teams in a rare interview. Nevertheless, he has been so successful. He has featured on the front cover of Gambling Wizards. People call him a walking encyclopedia of online betting, and he sure is.

Tony Bloom

Tony Bloom is a sports bettor per excellence and is the founder of UK-based betting syndicate “Starlizard.”

This notorious sports betting syndicate is one of the most successful in Britain, and according to certain unfounded reports, the syndicate once staked a mammoth £1 million on a single football match. Besides sports betting, he is also an accomplished poker player. As far back as the year 2000, he made millions from bookmaking and poker sites he established.

Steve Fezzik

Steve Fezzik made his fortunes selling sport picks to online bettors. With strategic marketing and self-promotion, he built a large following which has only gone to broaden his earning potential. But Fezzik is an accomplished bettor himself. He is famous for earning big back-to-back wins in the Las Vegas Hilton Super Contest of 2008 and 2009.

After that, he developed a keen interest in sports betting after discovering that he was equally good at it. So in 2001, he quit his job and moved to Las Vegas to become a full-time bettor.

So Money

So Money is a money man, and he is not shy to flaunt what he has earned from sports betting. So Money is one of the most famous bettors on Twitter, with close to 20,000 bettors following him from different parts of the globe. The level of interest that follows his picks online is humongous. He has made his life online, and he has the cash flow to back it up.


Marco D’Angelo

Marco D’Angelo holds the record of the longest documented winning baseball betting streaks in history. His winnings were followed by ESPN’s Sports Overnight American Pregame previews. D’Angelo won 25 games in a row which wanted him tremendous winnings and instant fame. In his early years, he started with horse racing at the age of 17 when he grew his bankroll of $50 into $5,000. And the rest is history.