When it comes to learning online poker, there are so many resources on the Internet it is easy to get confused and to start reading sites that will not help you at all.

There is a trick to finding the best and the easiest resources for learning online poker, however, and it will not take you very long to do.

Recommendations from other online poker players — The absolute first place you should start is with recommendations from people who have played situs poker online for a long time.

These people can be found in online chat rooms dedicated to online poker. One of the larger chat rooms is one called Two Plus Two, but there are a number of other excellent ones as well.

Join a couple of them and ask for help about the best online poker sites to play on as well as the best resources for learning online poker. From just two or three sites, you should be given a huge amount of information you can then spend time looking through.

Online videos — While reading about how to play online poker is helpful, there is no substitute for seeing someone else play a hand. This is why watching online videos for new poker players online is recommended if you really want to feel like you know what you are doing.

One site called Pokersprout has a large library of videos for every level of online poker player. The videos are free to watch, you can watch them in bite-sized pieces if time is a factor and then the site will quiz you on what you have learned. If you do not do well on the quiz, head back to the video and watch it again.

Freeroll tournaments — There are some excellent free sites where you can learn how to play online poker while playing and while not betting any of your own money.

These sites still offer prizes if you win, but they do not offer cash prizes nor do they expect you to pay cash to play games to win them.

These are wonderful resources for anyone wanting to learn online poker, as you basically have access to as many free games as you want to play.

Software programs — If you want to learn more about poker math before you start to play online, there are several excellent programs that can teach you.

Programs like Flopzilla will show you how to use math in poker when playing online as well as apply the concepts in practice during games that you will play.

These types of software programs can be an invaluable resource for learning online poker as they will get you so well trained, by the time you start to play online for cash you will feel like an expert.

Play every day — One of the best resources for learning online poker is yourself.

Sign up for an online casino and play poker every day. From the mistakes you make, you will learn how to play better the next time you get online.