Online gambling is a great past-time, allowing you to participate in one of your favorite hobbies without having to get dressed, get out of the house, and drive down to your nearest casino. Sound lazy? Not really, who has time to get out there every night? You can even gamble directly from a mobile device on websites such as sbobet mobile. But when you’re making the transition from gambling in a casino to gambling online, you have to be careful. There’s steep regulation on brick and mortar gaming, and bypassing it is really difficult to do so. Online gaming is regulated just as strictly, but by nature of the online world, it’s easier to slip by them. So how do you know that the gambling site you choose is legit? Follow along, and we’ll show you how to gamble safely online.

Payouts That Are Delayed Forever Or Have High Payout Levels

So one of the places they get you is by gating the payouts on online gambling. It’s a piece of the fine print that new gamblers don’t necessarily think to read, and it can turn the excitement of winning into the frustration of not being able to get those winnings. These kinds of scams come in two primary forms, the slow payout, and the high payout, and a third form we’ll talk about after we cover them.

  1. Slow Payout

Almost all online casinos have a delay in their payout scheme, and those that are explicitly built in are there for a reason. For instance, if you’re playing from the US, where online gambling isn’t legalized, the casino is going to have to cut through a fair amount of red tape to get you your winnings. When you’re reading up on the fine print, find out how long it’s going to take to get you your money. Does it seem ridiculously long? (Especially if you’re in a country where it’s legal?) Be wary, it’s likely a scam. One final note on this kind of scam, while not precisely a ‘scam’ it’s still a sketchy business practice to have extremely long wait times before you can request a payout. The technique here is to essentially get you to lose all your initial investment and winnings out of sheer impatience waiting for the opportunity to have them paid out. Legal? Yes. But some scams are.

  1. High Payout Requirements

Now here’s another technique that, while legal, we’re still putting on our scam list. Some online casinos require you to win 10 or even 100 times your initial investment before you’re allowed to take out your winnings. They know that this creates a pattern of behavior in their players, usually resulting in them betting and losing big in an attempt to get enough to cash out, or betting small amounts and still ultimately losing all they won before they can even cash out. Legal? As with the slow payout, yes, but definitely a scam.

No Payouts At All – The Delaying Scam

In the digital world where casinos come and go every day, the worst of the worst is the casino that doesn’t pay out at all. The way this scam works is that people start signing up and gambling their hard earned money, and when it comes time for them to pay out, their customer service department begins delaying the payout and stalling. What they’re actually doing is collecting as much money as possible before they shut down the casino and disappear, leaving all their customers in the lurch with no way to reclaim their winnings.

So be careful out there, read the fine print, and stick to established, well-known casinos rather than taking a chance with the small ones.