People who are new to betting on football games on sites like prediksi bola malam ini, will often have common misconceptions that can cause them to lose a bet.

Knowing what these misconceptions are, however, and making sure they do not do them can also help improve their chances of a win.


Every bookmaker is created equal — Many beginning football gamblers get pulled into betting through bookmakers that offer free bets. The problem with this is, in order to make money these bookmakers have to make up that money in other places.

That will usually mean they will increase their margins, which will affect the amount of money you can win.

The way to avoid having to deal with this is avoiding these types of bookmakers completely. After all, while others may not offer free bets, their services ultimately end up being more fair to the person placing the bet.

Stakes do not need to be managed — Too many football bettors do not seem to understand every stake should be managed.

This means keeping a tight hold of their bankroll and having a stake method they create and then stick to. A failure to do so will simply mean they go through money much faster and ultimately run out of money to gamble with.

It is possible to avoid losing — Some people betting on football games believe it is possible to avoid losing. They also believe the best gamblers never lose.

Neither of these things is true as every person that bets on football games loses more often than they win. The best just win larger amounts when they do.

Betting on good opportunities is smart — The most successful football gamblers have a strategy and they stick to it. That means when a so-called good opportunity for a bet shows up, if it is not in their plan they do not bet on it.

This is because the most successful football gamblers do not make bets of convenience, simply because they usually turn out to be far less convenient than was expected.

Instead, they create a strategy and stick to that strategy. Due to doing so, these types of gamblers will usually win more often than not. Don’t believe us? There are people even documentating their road to success on youtube, see below:

Betting on rumors is a bad idea — Although most successful bettors only bet on a well planned out strategy, sometimes there are reasons to bet on a rumor.

A rumor with solid evidence that a team’s coach has been fired or a star player is injured for instance can have significant consequences when a bet is about to be placed.

If this type of rumor even appears, it can be a good idea to check it out and then bet on the information you discover.