The cost of starting an online gambling website

Some might say that starting an online gambling website is a fool’s errand. After all, the process of making money off casino games is both highly competitive and heavily regulated. But if you believe that the only way to make money online is through blogging or e-commerce, then I invite you to reconsider your thoughts on this entrepreneurial endeavor.

Registration in the U.S.

To operate a gambling site, register it with the U.S. government. It is a requirement in many states, and most online casinos that take people’s money do so through legal means. Registering through a third-party service costs about $1,500, but that fee can double if you decide to do it yourself. That’s because the government will require you to submit paperwork, fill out forms and pay for a lawyer. Your registration costs $850.

But seriously, if you want to play with actual money, you have to register as a gambling site.

Here’s also a good video on regulations (country and state):

Build Your Website

Hiring a programmer to build your gambling website is the most expensive, costing about $10,000. But if you go down this path, you can avoid several problems with illegal gambling websites: you’ll know that the software will be legal, and there will be no risk of accidentally getting busted. Several different sites offer website-building services, such as Upwork or Guru.

These sites will require you to register an account. After that, you can check the client profiles and reviews to see which project managers have been the most helpful for other clients. Once you’ve hired a programmer, expect to receive the final product within about 30 days.

Hosting and Domain Registration

After you have your gambling website, you need to consider how people will find it. One of the best ways to do this is through a search engine like Google, which will allow you to buy a keyword and associate it with your website. You also need to get a hosting service and register a domain name with a company like GoDaddy or NameCheap. GoDaddy’s cheapest plan costs $13 per month, plus $12.69 for the domain and $9. You’ll have to pay $51.69 immediately and $100 for the year to get this done.

Starting an online gambling site is a process that will cost you $11,500 to $13,791. That includes the registration fee, website building, and hosting and domain registration costs. To get started in this business, you’ll also need a lawyer’s help so that you can register your gambling website with the government.

Another cost to consider is registering trademarks with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. You can learn more about the business side of things if you go here.