Certain poker players make consistent profit from online poker. That does not mean they make a profit from every game or every day but their net earnings over a period of time is positive. To reach this level, it requires practice, patience, skills, technology, and some natural ability. If you can achieve a consistent profit over a significant length of time, you can rule out luck or chance as the reason behind it. That means there must a method or a certain level of skill behind such consistent earnings.

Let’s keep in mind that we are discussing specifically making a profit on online poker. There a few reasons why it is more difficult to make a profit online compared to live poker. For starters, live poker has more money in it as the players play with higher stakes. The average online poker player is not as experienced and plays with less money. So there is an opportunity to make more money playing live poker.

Another challenge of playing online poker is that you will come across competitors who use tracking software, which is a game-changer. The tracking software allows you to record every hand and analyze any patterns or tendencies of your opponents. The tracking software is evolving consistently to become more sophisticated with each release. That means those players that are not using the latest technology are at a significant disadvantage.

The skills required for online idn play vs. live poker are different. For example, for live poker, having a “poker face” or having control over your body language could be the key in not giving your opponents clues about your plans. In online poker, that is not the case, as no one is looking at you live. In any case, to be successful in online poker, you need to be well-versed on all common poker tactics, use the best software available, follow your strategy and budget with supreme discipline and keep analyzing to keep improving your game.


The real challenge of making an online profit is when you start playing at higher stakes. It is natural for players to take fewer chances when playing with higher stakes. Fewer chances mean lesser probability of making a loss but it also means a lesser probability of making a profit. The level of stakes will vary from player to player, as the value of money is different for each. Becoming a poker pro needs a certain level of commitment. You would need to dedicate a lot of time to get good at it. During that time you might not make a profit, you might even lose money. You will need to survive through time and quickly improve your game. Making a profit in online poker is difficult, but it is certainly not impossible.